Markets Overview

Axsun applies its Optical Engines in multiple high growth markets including:
Medical Imaging - Axsun Swept Laser Engines are enabling a new generation of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) medical imaging systems in Ophthalmic and Endoscopic imaging applications.
Telecommunications - Axsun products are used to monitor the integrity of optical channels in today's high-speed fiber-optic transmission systems.
Industrial process control - Axsun's Tunable Laser technology is the basis for a new generation of near infrared spectroscopic products that are smaller, more rugged, and provide faster measurement speed in Pharmaceutical, Chemical/Petrochemical and Semiconductor process applications.
Hand Held Analyzers - Axsun's Anavo(TM) portable analyzer offers a rugged, rapid solution to identify materials for applications such as raw material identification, product quality control, plastic and polymer identification and recycled materials sorting. In addition to product identification, the Anavo(TM) can simultaneously be used to measure the concentration of key ingredients.