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Axsun Technologies to Launch IntegraSpec™ XL Product Family, the First NIR Micro-Spectrometer With a Tunable Laser Designed for Condensed-Phase Samples at PITTCON®

BILLERICA, Massachusetts, and ORLANDO, Florida, (Feb. 28, 2005) – Following its 2004 PITTCON Editors’ Bronze Award for best new product, today Axsun Technologies, Inc. launched a groundbreaking new platform of tunable-laser-based products to enable continuous quality monitoring in process applications at PITTCON 2005. These include the IntegraSpec XLP system for pharmaceutical Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications, the IntegraSpec XL line for industrial-process applications, and new versions of its award-winning NIR Analyzer. PITTCON 2005 opens today at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando. A leading manufacturer of micro-optoelectronic products that improve quality, performance, and productivity in a variety of industries, Axsun is exhibiting at Booth 2382.

A proprietary laser source combined with proven IntegraSpec features, including integrated wavelength and amplitude references, enable IntegraSpec XLP products to perform condensed-phase analysis – key to meeting the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s pharmaceutical PAT initiative. The new IntegraSpec XL and XLP lines also incorporate field-proven semiconductor-device technology designed to ensure maintenance-free operation, rapid application development, and calibration transfer.

“The IntegraSpec XL and XLP lines address condensed-phase process applications, which are among the most challenging,” explained Jack Kay, Axsun’s president and CEO. “It’s extremely difficult to meet the precise, real-time measurement needs of in-line process control, which often involve harsh settings and rapidly changing conditions. We knew that addressing these challenges would require something entirely new, a laser capable of a wide tuning range and high speed, in a platform that satisfies our customers’ demand for reliability and ruggedness. By combining the power of the laser with the IntegraSpec platform’s advantages of stability, maintenance-free operation, and rapid calibration transfer, the IntegraSpec XL and XLP lines offer process-manufacturing system suppliers a way to make direct process control a reality for new pharmaceutical and industrial customers.”

The IntegraSpec platform’s spectral sensitivity and high speed address a large portfolio of process applications with better performance than traditional diode-array and other NIR process spectrometers, which offer limited range, resolution, and are expensive to maintain. Low power consumption, compact size, and integrated wireless connectivity maximize flexibility and minimize costs associated with in-line process installation, maintenance, and operation.

Demonstrations of the new IntegraSpec XL technology at PITTCON include IntegraSpec PC/Analyzer systems, featuring miniature PCs integrated with NIR Analyzers. Equipped with touch-screen controls, and wireless communication, the IntegraSpec PC/Analyzers offer distributed measurement and control capabilities. Also on display are new diffuse reflectance accessory, and a new liquid transmission probe.

In addition to exhibiting at Booth 2382, Axsun will present two posters and chair an industry symposium titled: “Miniature Spectrometers for Process Analytical Chemistry: Toward a Spectroscopic Sensor” with pharmaceutical-industry and process-manufacturing experts, on Thursday, March 3.

About Axsun Technologies
Axsun Technologies, Inc., a Volcano subsidiary, established in 1998, develops and manufactures MEMS-based optical engines for industrial spectroscopy, optical telecommunications and medical imaging, applications. Through its expertise in micro-optics, packaging and precision engineering, Axsun has pioneered an entirely new class of high-performance, miniaturized instruments and devices enabling a dramatic shift from lab based measurements to on-line, at-line and in-vivo measurements, without compromising performance. Axsun was acquired by Volcano in December 2008.


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