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Axsun Technologies Announces New $2.5M U.S. Army Contract

Billerica, MA, October 18, 2005 – Axsun Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of micro-optoelectronic products that improve quality, performance, and productivity in a variety of industries, today announced that the company has received a $2.5 million contract from the U.S. Army to develop and implement technologies for automated assembly of micro-mechanical devices. Axsun is currently working with the Army to develop advanced versions of the LIGA process, a technology for fabricating highly precise micro components from metals and plastics.

Axsun's Livermore, California facility produces many of the LIGA mounting structures used in Axsun's IntegraSpec NIR spectrometer and OMx telecommunications monitors as well as miniature devices and components for a wide variety of commercial and military applications.

"This contract extends the work we are doing for the US Army, developing a low cost safe and arming answer for improved munitions," explained Jack Kay, Axsun's President and CEO. Kay continued, "With experience from the Army development, the processes being developed at Axsun will improve micro-parts manufacturing technology for a wide variety of applications."

The Axsun-West LIGA foundry has been shipping high precision metal components to corporate and government customers at a rate in excess of 10,000 devices and components per month and is expanding its capabilities to create micron-scale feature fidelity. For more information on Axsun's LIGA manufacturing capability, contact Bill Bonivert, at 925-373-3174, extension 101.

About Axsun Technologies
Axsun Technologies, Inc., a Volcano subsidiary, established in 1998, develops and manufactures MEMS-based optical engines for industrial spectroscopy, optical telecommunications and medical imaging, applications. Through its expertise in micro-optics, packaging and precision engineering, Axsun has pioneered an entirely new class of high-performance, miniaturized instruments and devices enabling a dramatic shift from lab based measurements to on-line, at-line and in-vivo measurements, without compromising performance. Axsun was acquired by Volcano in December 2008.


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