Products: Overview

Small Products, Big Advantage
Axsun is a leading supplier of cost-saving micro-optoelectronic and micromechanical products for a variety of industries. Today's products include micro-spectrometer solutions, a family of optical monitor products, and Swept Laser engines for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

OCT Swept Lasers

Axsun high speed swept laser engines enable a new generation of high-performance swept source OCT imaging systems in Ophthalmic, endoscopic and other imaging applications. Axsun also designs and manufactures high speed data acquisition electronics, offering value added subsystems to our OEM customers.

OMx Optical Monitors

The OMx product family offers the most compact, flexible, high-performance Telcordia-qualified optical monitors available today. With industry-proven high performance channel power monitors for telecommunications and solutions for sensor interrogation, Axsun's OMx monitor family has the right optical monitor solution to meet the most challenging and cost sensitive applications.

NIR Spectroscopy

Solution providers now have access to high performance micro-spectrometers designed to address process needs with solutions for PAT/Pharmaceutical applications, and for general manufacturing process measurements with the IntegraSpec XL. Axsun's NIR Analyzers are designed to support methods development and provide for an easy conversion to the process environment.

Anavo™ Handheld Analyzer

The Anavo™ is a compact, lightweight fully integrated NIR analyzer designed to ensure reliability and survivability in field-portable applications. The Anavo can be configured for qualitative (ID) of organic materials. The Anavo is based on Axsun's proven Integraspec XL technology.