Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Overview

Historically, NIR Process Instrumentation users have had to compromise, using less sensitive on-line or at-line sensors, or getting a more precise off line measurement with a Laboratory spectrometer. Traditional lab instruments are too large, fragile, slow and expensive to be deployed on a manufacturing line. Diode array process spectrometers sacrifice resolution and wavelength range.

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Axsun’s IntegraSpec™ XL NIR micro-spectroscopy platform meets the challenges of process spectroscopy, providing highly accurate measurements while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. IntegraSpec based products can be integrated into the process stream without extensive investment in plant maintenance and training, or capital investment such as real estate, fiber cabling, environmental regulatory compliance and method development.

With Axsun’s IntegraSpec NIR micro-spectroscopy engines, you can develop small instruments with laboratory grade performance that deliver precision spectra in less than a second under harsh process conditions. Based on Axsun Technologies’ industry leading integration platform, the IntegraSpec can be used for Near Infrared analysis in reflectance and transmission modes for a wide array of laboratory and process applications. Combining Axsun’s proven MEMs based tunable laser technology and optical integration capability, the IntegraSpec simultaneously provides leading performance in resolution, accuracy, stability and speed, all in a compact rugged package.

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IntegraSpec™ XL

  • Micro-spectrometers for general process applications