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OMx Optical Monitor Product Family
With tens of thousands of modules deployed and over 1 billion field device hours of operation, OMx Optical Monitors set the performance and reliability standard in DWDM Optical Channel Monitoring. OMx monitors are also deployed widely as an interrogator in Fiber Bragg Grating based optical sensing applications.

Axsun OMx Optical Monitors - the standard for optical channel monitoring

In Telecom Optical Networking applications, Axsun OMx products provide highly accurate optical power, wavelength and optical signal-to-noise ratio measurements in the C, L and C+L band. Axsun's patented MEMs Tunable Filter based design provides extremely high spectral resolution and accuracy, and Axsun's unique signal processing algorithms ensure compatibility with all commercially available modulation formats and data rates. Designing in the OMx today ensures a scalable solution that will be compatible with your next generation DWDM system. Axsun's new OM8 platform provides the best price/performance package of available optical monitors today.

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In Sensor interrogation applications, Axsun's OMx interrogator offers a fast, accurate and reliable interrogation subsystem that addresses a wide range of optical sensor test and measurement applications.

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