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OMx™ Interrogator Family
Axsun’s OMx Interrogator is a fast, highly accurate and reliable interrogation subsystem that addresses a range of optical sensor test and measurement configurations.

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Economical Integration Path:
The Axsun OMx Interrogator is an integrated subsystem that includes a high-finesse tunable optical filter, integrated photodiode and an embedded wavelength reference. Also included are all the control and processing electronics to manage the complete interrogation system and process spectral data from the sensor array. Axsun’s unique optical integration capability cuts the number of optical components required in half, and requires far fewer fiber splices, ensuring a cost-effective and compact interrogation solution. The OMx Interrogator has also been fully qualified to rigorous Telcordia standards, guaranteeing Telecom-class reliability for your sensor solution.

High Performance and Ease of Use:
The unique design of the OMx interrogator provides the user with exceptional (10pm) wavelength accuracy, wide (50dB) dynamic range, and low power consumption (1.5W at 25 °C) with its single 3.3V supply operation. The user needs to provide only the power supply and a series of software commands from a host PC or processor, and the OMx Interrogator performs all the control, data processing and transfer, and calibration.

Although integrated solutions usually require compromises in performance or flexibility, the OMx Interrogator optimizes the sensor solution’s performance and overall cost, enabling the selection of an appropriate light source controllable using several available software commands.

The Axsun OMx Interrogator provides a compact, robust, high performance engine for Optical Sensor Interrogation system integrators. The Telecom grade reliability, high level of functional integration, and ease of use features, ensure that the finished system product will meet all your performance, quality and cost goals.

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