Technology: Overview

High Performance High Value Optical Engines
To develop and produce high-value optical engines, Axsun pioneered and developed a series of innovations and adapted best of breed technologies from premier research facilities. The Axsun Packaging Platform, is uniquely capable of producing high-performance, compact optical engines in high volumes, and at low cost.

Optical Toolbox

Axsun's Optical Toolbox provides a complete suite of optical elements to design miniature optical systems. The Optical Toolbox includes miniature versions of many of today's bulk optical elements and AXSUN's proprietary MEMs devices.

Micro-Alignment Structures

Axsun’s unique micro-alignment structures, fabricated with the LIGA process, enable nanometer-precision robotic optical alignment

Automated Assembly

Axsun's automated assembly capability enables the company to produce reliable low cost optical engines in high volume with extremely high reliability.

Platform Integration

Click the link above to view a video demonstrating Axsun’s optical integration platform in action.

Optical Coatings

Axsun's Optical Coating Capability provides a unique, differentiating advantage to the size and performance of our Optical Engines.